Improvisation, Noise, Occult, Tape

Andrew Hunt

Andrew Hunt Andrew Hunt (1860-1946) was a hedge-school teacher, occult adept, and music-maker whose practical knowledge of bardic, folklore, and mystery traditions and...

The West, Women

Billie Hennessy

Hennessy, Billie (b Carlow, 7 Oct. 1882; d New York 21 June 1929). Painter and composer. Hennessy trained at the Metropolitan School of...

Graphic Scores, Noise, Vocal, Women

Os Ard

Os Ard Irish Text Score/Composition by Róisín Madigan O’Reilly, completed between 1925 – 1926. Following exposure to Kurt Schwitters’ experimental work Ursonate in...

Chancey Briggs 1932

Chancey Briggs

Chancey Briggs  (b Clare, 13 Sep. 1892; d Dublin 19 July 1970). Philanthropist. Prominent in the GAELIC LEAGUE as a young man (Briggs...

Theresa Flynn 1960

Theresa Flynn

Theresa Flynn (b Dublin, 13 Aug. 1929; d Dublin, 19 June 1970). Pianist, Teacher. Theresa Flynn is known today primarily as both teacher...